Sanctify Your Marriage

You were made for holiness.
Marriage was made to get you there!

Sanctify Your Marriage is a video-based course on Teachable, specially designed to help you build a happier, more joy-filled marriage with God's own blueprint!


The program is divided into three sections that reflect the three major phases of your marriage:

Couple chatting over coffee

Where You Come From


Where You Are

Couple crossing bridge

Where You Want to Be

Drawing from the Church's rich - and very practical - teachings on marriage, topics include:

  • Your preconceived ideas of marriage, and how that's affecting your marriage now

  • How vices and past hurts keep you from having a truly happy marriage

  • The four levels of commitment you need to move your marriage to where you (and God) want it to be

  • Why there are highs and lows in marriage

  • And so much more...

Your marriage was made to be authentically joyful and happy, built on mutual respect, open communication, and firm commitment. But if you're like most couples today, you've probably asked...

Is this even possible in today's world?

Answer: Absolutely!

Ready to build a happy marriage using God's own blueprint?


I want to Sanctify my Marriage!